Quality Policy

Quality Policy

PT. Oleochem & Soap lndustri is fully committed & highly dedicated to be the leader in its field by manufacturing, the world class quality & top performing products with firm determination & strong commitment to fulfil customers' requirements through effective planning, continual process improvements, developing its people's competency, following the agreed specifications & the applicable regulatory requirements.

General Quality Objective

To demonstrate the firm commitment to the Quality Policy, the management & the staff of PT. Oleochem & Soap lndustri are responsible fully committed & highly dedicated to comply to the requirements for continual improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System by observing following Quality Objectives :

Maintaining a Healthy and Safe Working Environment to progress Towards World Class Manufacturing Facility manufacturing Top Quality Products complying to the International standards.

Quality is a target and a task shared by all employees of the Organization. The Company is committed for upgrading its people’s skills and performance excellence, to become a pioneer company in Quality innovative management & build a Quality Mindset.

Controlling the product quality by maintaining & improving our Quality Management System & maintaining Product development validation consistency.

Focusing on General Hygiene & House Keeping of the Facility to the Highest Global Standards.

Taking suitable correction and preventive actions by implementing Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for continual improvement of the process and reducing the defects in products.

Recognize customer feedback for continuous improvement and to share with our employees in our organization to achieve Customer Satisfaction.

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