The Facility has two state of the art modern technology equipped saponification plants imported from Italy. Both Saponification Plants have the capacity of 13 MT/Hr put together. Saponification is capable to produce both Full Boiled & Half Boiled (Swing) Soap Noodles.

The Facility is equipped with World Class Italian Toilet Soap Bar Manufacturing & Packaging Lines, which are capable to manufacture the world class quality & top performing products. Plant is well equipped to manufacture Paper Wrap, Flow Wrap (Pillow Pack) & Duplex (Floppy) Box packaging for Toilet Soap Bars.

The Facility has World Class Laundry Multipurpose Soap Bar Manufacturing & Packaging Lines.

The company has also Glycerine plant supported by modern equipment and modern system such as DCS (Distributed Control System) with capacity 13 MT/day.

PT. Oleochem & Soap Industri has the adequate capacity of around 72,000 MT Per Year for Toilet Soap Bars, Laundry Multipurpose Soap Bars, Soap Noodles & Glycerine put together

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