Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

PT. Oleochem & Soap Industri strives to protect the environment as part of our core value & enthusiastically incorporates the environmental protection & sustainability into our business operations through continual efforts. We are highly committed & dedicated to deliver world class quality products, which are manufactured in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, minimizes the impact on the environment, continuously work to wards pollution prevention & following best environmental practices in whatever we do such as :

Comply to applicable and latest Indonesian environmental law and regulation.

Identify the environmental risks to minimize the impact to environment, develop and maintain environmental management programs with objectives and targets to minimize adverse environmental impacts.

Minimize all types of pollutions of land, air and water by reducing chemical usage & waste, also conserve the resources. Implement 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recovery) and proper waste disposal in all areas.

Build up awareness of all employees in order to have the mindset and behaviors to achieve environmental friendly company management system.

Efficiency resource usage by monitoring consumption of material, energy, and water.

Strive for continuous environmental performance improvement through the setting of meaningful environmental objectives and targets then evaluate the achievement of environmental performance.

Communicate and promote this Environmental Policy with the aim of ensuring that all employees, business partners and other stakeholders are aware of the environmental impacts of PT. Oleochem & Soap lndustri activities as well as their individual obligations.

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